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We are an online women boutique that makes clothes or dresses at your convenience. Our continuous efforts ahs make it easy to buy a dress online.  customer service.

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Tints and Shades

Tints And Shades is an organization that meets your style with the trendiest fashion. We are here to create and provide you with exquisite fashion sense through our impeccable collection. Our watchword is to present customers with pre-eminent designs and high-quality material. We first learn the perception of our clients on fashion and comfort and then show/create their outfits, respectively. Building a relationship with our customers motivates us to produce and improvise the product that suits their persona. As a result, not only do they receive the best output, but also the best fabric at the most affordable rates.

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We are an online ladies’ boutique that makes clothes or dresses at your convenience. Our continuous efforts make it easy to buy a dress online. The main idea behind our boutique is to provide the best customer service. And ensure that our clients are happy. The only thing that distinguishes our boutique from other online boutiques is that we value our customers’ money and time. We have a professional and experienced team of workers that will stitch suits and dresses to provide you with the best comfort in your suit. And you can move with confidence after wearing it.

About Rachna Seth

Fashion Designer at Tints and Shades

Hi, I am Rachna Seth. I am a fashion designer. I had done a Garment Manufacturing Technology and Fashion Designing Diplomas from Young Women Christian Association, New Delhi. Post completion, I worked as a faculty member in West Delhi Women’s Polytechnic for ten months. I learned a lot from the experience holders in those ten months. But I wanted to do more, so I decided to expand my horizons. 

I understand  ancient designs and use them in an innovative style and create new classicism. Today my company is renowned for its distinctive use of colors, quality of fabrics, intricate embroideries and a gloriously rich Indian aesthetic.

In August 1999, I founded a Boutique. Since then, it’s been a pleasure to run a Boutique successfully and serving my clients. It’s been a twenty years journey and counting. I am passionate about fashion designing. I love to design for clients with an inferiority complex and help them look confident. We aim to create the designs at a budget-friendly cost. I get inspiration from the people in my proximity and introduce them to my new creations. We focus on the trends but also prefer to keep the touch with the all-time favorite designs. We are in traditional casual wear, semi-formal and formal outfits. We highly pursue customer satisfaction. We aim to use high-quality cloth material for all our products. I dreamt of designing the dresses of my client’s dreams and making their wishes come true. Keeping this in mind, I started my boutique back then. And I feel content when I say to myself that I live my dream every day.  

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