About Tints & Shades

Tints And Shades is an organization that meets your style with the trendiest fashion. We are here to create and provide you with exquisite fashion sense through our impeccable collection. Our watchword is to present customers with pre-eminent designs and high-quality material. We first learn the perception of our clients on fashion and comfort and then show/create their outfits, respectively. Building a relationship with our customers motivates us to produce and improvise the product that suits their persona. As a result, not only do they receive the best output, but also the best fabric at the most affordable rates.

The testimonials of our consumers brought confidence to our brand of its authenticity. Whether you want to just casually buy dress online, buy designer face masks, or need a wedding dress planned, we have got you covered. Besides our excellent dress materials and stitching services, our work ethics and professionalism has ranked us the best ladies’ boutique in South Delhi. The stitching business, for now, is available to a 7 km radius, but you can always purchase our readymade dresses or dress material from any corner in India. The premium of quality of our products speaks for itself. We came into this business to play a reliable part in society, and once you shop with Tints And Shades, you will believe it too.

Services Offered by Tints and Shades

Tints And Shades cover all three aspects of clothing in the fashion industry. We have a wide range ready with us in both readymade dresses, dress materials. We also provide stitching services to clients within the 7Km radius of our shop. Even if you buy plazo or look for a wedding dress planned Delhi, Tints And Shades is the one-stop space for you to explore everything. Let’s get into the detailing of every our products and services.

Readymade Dress

Every woman must have googled at least once about fashion designer near me or party dress shop near me. However, we all got lost in keeping track of what website is selling what type of clothes. Here, at Tints And Shades, you will find everything you want, from designer pants and plazo to designer masks; casual wear to wedding dresses. It makes us the best option for all your shopping as we also have a collection of accessories for you to buy polki, fancy masks, fancy potlis, etc.

Dress Material

The next item available with us for you to shop for is dress materials. These materials have their respective designs and work on them with no stitching. It is for you to translate your idea of fashion and create that piece as per your preference and style. So next time, you can save your energy from searching for kid dress stitching or blouse stitching shop near me and come to Tintes And Shades

Fashion and designing

At Tints and shades, we have a team of outstanding designers who design keeping in mind minor details and requirements which our clients ask for. Our designer designs fashion collections and complete outfits by developing a stylistic theme, drawing sketches and collaborating with trend researchers.

We are creators of fashion with multidisciplinary skills ranging from design to research, from planning to technique, from production processes to the knowledge of the fashion market. our stylist is a creative figure who proposes, designs and creates a collection of fashion, clothing and accessories, starting from a unique concept of inspiration, to express his own unmistakable style.

Stitching Business

Along with selling unstitched suits, we also have designers who will create a perfect fit for you from that material. We limited this service to a 7 km radius of the shop as of now. Many customers shared in their testimonials about how earlier they used to bombard their phones with ladies' tailor near me or woman clothing shop near me. However, with us, they have found their one shop that serves soup to nuts.

To wind up all, Tints And Shades is your solution to keep your fashion game up. We are ready to serve you with fancy wedding dresses to Lucknowi embroidery cash wallets. Our presence in the market is not about selling dresses but creating striking outfits.

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