Ash Black Floral Denim Lycra Fabric

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Width: 56 Inches
Colour: Shades of Black
Usage: Tops / Blouses, Dresses, Ethnic Wear, Bridal / Special Occasions, and Trousers
Material: Denim and Lycra
Pattern: Floral

Black Floral Denim Fabric

Denim fabric, a timeless icon of casual fashion, is beloved for its rugged durability and distinctive twill weave. Typically made from cotton, it features a diagonal ribbing pattern that grants it strength and resilience. Originally designed as workwear, denim has evolved into a global style phenomenon. Its versatility ranges from classic blue jeans to jackets, shorts, and skirts. Denim’s ability to age gracefully and become uniquely personalized with wear has made it a symbol of individuality and rebellion. This fabric embodies a blend of comfort, functionality, and an enduring sense of cool, making it a staple in the wardrobes of millions worldwide. Lycra fabrics are soft & flowy, and suit the season’s mood very well Design Your Own flowy dresses, shirts, skirts, crop tops, long slit kurtis, scarves and more.

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